Be Fearless About Your Dreams!

There is a meme that I have seen floating around online quite a bit that says...

“If your dreams don’t scare you they are not big enough.”

At some point, I know I shared that meme somewhere on social media. However, early last year I had a change of perspective. The shift came one night after I was praying. I felt the Lord was prompting me not to fear what He has called me to do and so my meme was born…

“Be fearless about the dream God puts in your heart!”

That insight came last year and of course, I have seen that other meme a thousand times over. I saw it so many times I found myself questioning if maybe my dreams weren’t big enough because they truly don’t scare me. No, they fully excite me!

Well at 6 am this morning I was awakened to a word picture and instruction for my son who is a pilot. I got a huge download about my children and where the Father is taking them. As I was getting this huge download my husband was reading a text from one of my son’s aviation supporters! The connections my son is developing right now are completely assigned from Heaven! They are game-changer contacts. Jaw dropping! You know the, “it has to be God," kind of connections.

My fly guy Nile McMillion.

Last week my oldest daughter had a dream about being cast in a role that she had no prior experience for. It was a long detailed dream. The exciting thing is that three days later a Facebook friend we barely knew contacted me to see if she would like to be in a commercial film shoot! My daughter is an aspiring filmmaker who has entered film festivals, but she has never done any kind of acting. Here her dream was unfolding before our eyes. When she met the director she told me it was the same director in her dream! How interesting is that?!

My girl is in front of the bus. She had a blast!

The film crew ended up coming from Dallas and shot an entire day with her and part of the set was on our property! The backdrop was phenomenal for the scene and it sounds like their crew might be interested in returning to future filming for other projects.

Back to part of my word…

“Fear has NO place in the land where dreams are fulfilled, it’s a place of unrestrained faith. Have faith without reservation or doubt. It's a land were belief is chief! Belief is the catalyst to do and accomplish mighty things! Keep believing! Keep proclaiming! Take every thought captive and watch what I do!”

This got me thinking about the difference between faith and belief. So, I did a quick Google search.

Faith vs Belief


Complete trust or confidence in someone or something.


A state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing

the feeling of being certain that something exists or is true.

It’s obvious that they are very close in description, but they are slightly different.

When I re-word my instruction based upon the definition it reads like this,

“Fear has no place in the land where dreams are fulfilled, it is a place of unrestrained faith, complete trust, and confidence.

Have complete trust and confidence without reservation or doubt.

It's a land were being certain is chief!

Make it a habit of mind to trust and put your confidence in what you know God will accomplish, because it is the catalyst to do and accomplish mighty things!

Keep being certain that all that God has told you will be done!

Keep proclaiming!

Take every thought captive, don’t let fear come in and watch what I do!”

Do your dreams scare you? If God put them there they shouldn’t!


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