Enjoying the Process

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

In life we will inevitably find ourselves over our head in a project at some point. The urge might be to throw in the towel. Have you ever felt that way? If you have, join the crowd.

There is no shame in feeling such a weight. We have all been there a time or two, or two thousand! Each year I realize how important it is to reassess each project that I am involved in. True, sometimes I may need to shut things down, but there are those times where I have to accept that while the project at hand may not be the right vehicle, it can still provide an excellent opportunity.

It's all about having a time management perspective. If I am investing time into a project that is not a right fit for the moment, I have to ask myself if the skill set I am gaining through research and education can benefit me in the near or far future. If the answer is yes, then I must evaluate how the time investment will bring value to my life. Value is so important to me in the grand scheme of things. Life can be so cluttered with things that drain us. I don't know about you, but I am tired of allowing time suckers in my life.

There is a gift a friend sent me, it was a book called the Tyranny of the Urgent. It discusses how trivial things can be elevated to a level of importance that can steal our time away from things that are truly important in life. So, time-management and focus are incredibly important to accomplish things that truly bring value to your life for the long-haul.

Just recently I found myself questioning a project. After I came to terms that my efforts may not produce immediate fruit, I decided it was a project worth investing my time in. I know no matter what the project outcome is for this year everything I have been learning will definitely contribute to not only my personal goals, but also to those of my children. When I came to that point of acceptance I was able to continue to do my work, knowing that my time was being sown for a future harvest, and I was ok with that.

I had to start enjoyig the process to see the greatest amount of fruit.

What kind of hard decisions have you had to make?

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