My Fearless Birth

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Once upon a time, there was a gal who didn't want children. However, by an act of God her heart was changed after she got married. She opened her heart to having children and to her surprise she ended up feeling called to have more children. She went on to have many pregnancies, twelve to be exact with eight deliveries. Four babies, she will meet someday in heaven.

Out of her first six deliveries, five of them were very difficult and painful.

However, she fell in love with each of her babies, but there was still that one problem, the labor issue. She became very fearful of the labor process. At one point she felt emotionally traumatized by the experience until something turned everything around! She went on to deliver two more times with a very positive outcome. As a matter of fact, her latest delivery was free of unbearable pain! She pushed her little guy out, and he entered the world with a very calm mama, who was tired, but victorious! And, now she wants to give hope to every woman who has ever felt fearful of birth, so she wrote a book that she hopes will bring value to the reader by introducing new mindsets, insight to the labor process, sharing helpful tools for the labor room (including EO usage) and even she even gives useful tips for birth partners. Check out how she kicked fear to the curb and had a fearless birth!

Back of the book

By now, I am sure you have guessed this is my story. My desire is to

get Fearless Birth into as many women's hands as possible because it is my heart's desire to empower women in childbirth. I want people to know that it is possible to have a redeemed childbirth experience that is free of trauma!

My husband giving me a hip rub. I was over 8 cm dilated.

As a matter of fact, I was so calm I pushed my baby out and the crew didn't even know because I was so relaxed!

I did a pre-release and the reports have come in that mama's have found great value in the book.

So, I know it could be a real game changer for so many.

Every woman needs this book whether they are past their child bearing years or pregnant. It is one of those books that you will want to give away for the specific purpose of brining hope to the heart of moms who have either lost hope or would like an even better birth experience.

I wish I would have known that childbirth is supposed to be a beautiful experience from the beginning. I thought it was a given that a woman must suffer during labor. I was wrong and boy am I glad that I was.

This book was written out of my heart's desire to make the labor experience a better experience for every woman. Better is better and a beautiful delivery is to be sought after with hope.


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