Success: Have You Arrived?

Updated: Aug 18, 2018

This week I was listening to some motivational videos while I was cleaning. The topic of success came up and it really got me thinking.

Success is defined as degree or measure of succeeding. -Merriam Webster

This topic has dominated the minds of many people throughout history. As I sat and listened the following message caught my attention. I listened and it was Oprah Winfrey speaking. Now, I may have some points of disagreement with her, but on the topic of success I feel she was spot on! Here she was defining success and all I could think was, YES! Yes, that is exactly how I feel about success!

Success is getting to the absolute place where you are comfortable with yourself. It doesn't matter how much you have acquired. The ability to be able to say no and not feel guilty about it is the greatest success I have achieved. The fact that I have done whatever in the public's eye is fine. It's all a part of a process for growing for me. To me to have the internal strength and internal courage to say, "No, I will not let you treat me this way" is what success is all about. It is the same thing that prevents you from being abused as a child and abused as an adult that allows you to build success for yourself. "No I will not allow myself to be treated this way. I demand only the best for myself." You are worthy to say, no. It's ok if you say, no. It's ok if people don't like you for saying, no.

I am in my mid 40's and I have never felt more strong, more focused or more comfortable with myself. I have the ability to say, no, and not feel guilty. I have the internal and external courage to say, "I will not be treated without respect or dignity. I am completely worthy as a daughter of Yahweh to demand only the best for myself. I will not settle for second best when the Father wants to give me His best."

I am not driven by the accolades of man. I am not moved by the audience's opinion of me. I am moved by my personal impact on society. I am propelled by my desire to be a world changer.

There is power in being able to say, no! No, I will not be a victimized by anyone. Nor, will I make myself a victim by my own stinking thinking. I will stand in confidence when I say, no, because my value is not weighed on man's approval.

Ever since my children were born I have been vigilant to sow this message into my kids, "You have the POWER to say, no! You do not have to be a victim!" Not only have I raised them to have personal power in saying, no, to others, but also to themselves! Yes, living a lifestyle of fasting from not only food, but also lifestyle choices has been part of the power I am bestowing upon them.

As a mother of 12 children (4 I will meet some day in heaven) I feel strong and resolved to reach for my dreams. I am a legacy maker and I take that call seriously. I am woman that is not easily shaken. I am sure footed and I refuse to live with guilt for my mistakes when I can so easily repent and turn from my sins. A weighed down human is so heavy to be around and I refuse to be a ball and chain to my family. Sure I have bad days just like any mama, but I don't let those bad days define me. Instead, I reinvent my days by confession and repentance. For in the Word it is written that a righteous man falls seven times then gets back up.

We all make mistakes. It's not about how you fall, but about how you rise that defines you.

I like what else Oprah had to say,

"Grow yourself into the best of yourself because failure is just an experience."

I couldn't agree more. As she spoke I thought about how much I have said similar words to my family about so many different topics. Like I said, we don't have to agree on every topic to agree on a few. And, in this case I really could understand where she was coming from. It was an encouragement and a confirmation that I am in a position to live in success, to walk in it and further reach for it to a greater degree!

Are you successful??

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