You Want to Reach the Top, But Will You Climb?

Updated: Dec 2, 2018

Life is a made up of hills and valleys. When things get difficult and you feel like your in a valley be patient because a mountain top is just around the corner. The question is, will you climb once you get to the base of the mountain?

Will you be up for the challenge? You don't just float to the top. You have to climb!

Everyone wants to reach the high point. Yes, it is truly magnificent and oh so exciting, but no one can stay on the peak forever. At some point you have to come back down. Think of all those mountain climbers who have conquered great mountain summits. At some point they come down, but they are driven to ascend to the top once again!

Each time they climb they have a grueling journey to the top, but isn't that what makes reaching the top so much more gratifying?

You have to understand that climbing is part of the process. You have to have a hunger to do the hard things, so you can reach the top!

Don't hate the process. Learn to love it!

Learn to allow it to excite you!

Let it be part of the reward!

Have you been complaining about climbing?






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