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EmmaSara McMillion is the creator and host of  The Mother of Change Show. She is also a serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, and founder of the Mother of Change Movement, a movement of moms who are chain-breakers and change-makers.


She is a DISC Behavior Coach certified by Eric Thomas & Associates. She is also the host of The Mother of Change TV show. EmmaSara is passionate about helping moms go from nominal to phenomenal living so they can stop struggling with faith, family, and finances. ​


As an expert Family Strategist, she is passionate about situation awareness and equipping parents to be fierce spiritual and physical protectors of their homes during her national workshops. In 2020 she taught Project 10 situational awareness workshops from coast to coast.

She believes that the future of our nation rests on the shoulders of families to create change. EmmaSara is the wife of a loving husband and mom to 8 kids, 7 of whom are successful entrepreneurs.

As an experienced and esteemed public speaker, EmmaSara aims to deliver education, inspiration, and empowerment to a variety of audiences. She is known for her prophetic accuracy and sharpshooter ability to deliver steps that create immediate change in a person's life.

EmmaSara McMillion
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