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EmmaSara McMillion MOC PROJECT 10 #Saveo

Join MOC Project 10!

Mama, are you...



Concerned about the condition of our nation?

"The future of our nation rests upon the shoulders of mothers to create change."



Just think... 

The world could be turned upside down if...

 10 people from 10 regions gathered 10 families

to seek Yahweh for CHANGE in their homes and in their communities!


Imagine the impact that could make for our nation.






Then he said, “Let not the Lord be angry, and I will speak but once more: Suppose 10 should be found there?” And He said, “I will not destroy it for the sake of ten."

-Gen. 18:32




Welcome to MOC Project 10!


You can be...





You can PROTECT your children.











EmmaSara McMillion CNHC, is the founder of the Mother of Change Movement and she is calling upon mothers around the nation to stand in agreement for a CHANGE! EmmaSara is a also the author of the best seller Mother of Change. She also educates men and women about child exploitation. 


She believes knowledge + action = preventing children from being victimized by predators. She has a POWERFUL message that will put the POWER back into motherhood and together parents will come away from her message feeling EQUIPPED to PROTECT their kids in a dangerous world. 

10 people from 10 regions to gather 10 families

to seek Yahweh for CHANGE in their homes and their communities!

Yahweh is looking for faithful believers.

 MOC Project 10!

Are you ready to make a difference for children?

Are you ready to 

fortify for your home?


HOST an #Project10_tour Event IN YOUR AREA: 

  1. Pay for EmmaSara' plane ticket. (If you get 10 mom to pitch in $35 that covers most plane tickets)

  2. Have a host home available for her to stay at.

  3. Have a place for her to speak: Church, meeting room or a living room!

  4. Have a monitor or screen for her to broadcast a slideshow on. 

  5. Invite your friends family! YES, SHE WILL COME FOR EVEN 10 FAMILIES!!


Our motto for this project prep is KEEP IT SIMPLE!


This doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. 

Get her ticket

Have a place for her to speak.

Invite your people and that's it. 

No decorations needed.

No food needed, especially if you do a split day event.

No hype! Just the POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT showering

His EMPOWERMENT on HIS faithful daughters and their families!


Seattle, WA.

Boston, MA.

Phoenix, AZ.

Fayetteville, AR.

Atlanta, GA.

San Angelo, TX

Here is how to TAKE ACTION​

Bring this message to your city!

Parents will learn:

  • Situational Awareness

    • How to identify DANGERS​

  • Protecting Kids

    • Homeschooling as a level of protection.

    • Child Exploitation Prevention

    • Child Exploitation Signs

    •  Raising up kids who are NOT vulnerable.

    • How to stop a choke hold

  • Security for the home

- Soon to be added Israeli Close Combat

Defense Course!

( I will have my yellow belt by December)

- How to SURVIVE in an attack


I have an exciting another way for you to partner with the MOVE OF YAH for our nation.

Like I mentioned, the Lord is shooting me like an  arrow around the USA to share the very important

MOC mandate with families who have NEVER heard about it before!

These moms are NEW to the Mother of Change Message. 

Please consider sowing into the timely project that has the potential to hold back the wrath of

Yahweh on our nation for the 

mass exploitation and sin in the land, at least for a time!

Your seed will be used to shoot mighty arrows out to do the WORK of bringing darkness to light and equipping the saints.

Each region will be covered for the sake of the children!

Thank you for partnering with our family to impact 1.6 million people this year via media and ministry!





We pray a thousand fold increase on your seed in the name of Jesus! Amen


Past Event Agenda

Interested in seeing an overview of an event?

Check out the link below.

EmmaSara shares the platform with members of her family to share the message of awareness & protection for the sake for the children.

As of November the entire family has been earned YELLOW belts in Krav Maga Israeli Close Combat defense. 

They will be adding workshops to the tour for self-defense. 

2020 Mother Of Change™ by McMillion & Co LLC

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